The Brief

To reconfigure and renovate the ground floor of a Victorian home in Dartmouth. The existing layout should be reconsidered to suit a food loving family with a love of history and the outdoors. The scheme should reflect their appreciation of craft and design, and sit comfortably alongside the age of the house.

The Concept

Dartmouth; where the land meets the sea.

The family house, perched romantically on the brow of the hill, looks down to Dartmouth and the headland beyond. A town of unique character, indented with coves and estuaries, where the hills roll down to the sea. These two elements, so symbiotically linked, are a striking metaphor for our clients and form the basis for an interior scheme of this historical family home.  

Concept for Dartmouth

Concept for Dartmouth

From beginning to end Kat and Jess took infinite trouble with every detail of the project. Their initial research into how we planned/wanted to use the house was meticulous and carried out with great warmth and understanding. From that stage to the gradual unfolding of the design seemed to us nothing short of magical. We knew the sort of things we liked and they were able to take it and turn it into a coherent whole. Every room has its own distinct character while still forming part of a whole design which flows naturally and is a pleasure to use and live in.
— Dartmouth clients