The Brief

The rebuild and extension of a much loved four bedroom family home in the Lake District. The spirit of the original house should be retained as much as possible, so that the new interior feels like it has "been there forever". The house should take inspiration from it's surroundings and be robust and timeless in character. 

The Concept

We took our inspiration from our first hand experience of the landscape, and our understanding of the landscape through the eyes of the Lakes' literary greats: Wordsworth, Ruskin, Coleridge & Beatrix Potter. 

Concept for The Lakes

Concept for The Lakes

They managed to make the place look like a home, look organic, natural, authentic and undesigned. Welcoming, comforting and understated chic without being ostentatious. Genius. This incredibly subtle effect comes from care and attention to detail. Poetic.
— Steve Coogan